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Hi Im Daisy Naidu and Im a Mumbai based Artist and photography is my medium. I enjoy the process and the journey of image making especially in the company of people cause it enriches my experience as a photographer/ artist. For me, the process is more precious than the destination, which is why I chose to work with photography as my main medium. Im a creative, spiritual, nature loving, minimalistic kind of person. As long as I have my studio and my imagination, Im a happy cookie. I enjoy the company of people and being a part of their journey. Being able to capture images for whom so ever or for what so ever reason, makes me feel privileged and also responsible as images live on, most times beyond the photographed subject. so for me image making is beyond just the technicality of clicking good photos. Its a narrative, its a story book in one image and that is what feeds my passion for what I do.

My journey towards being a photographer began as an Independent artist where I have experimented with mediums such as sculpture, oils, watercolours, natural pulp, material sculptures, fabric sculptures etc…But all the way along this journey, photography has been my medium of comfort. Its always been the medium I come home to. :)) I have gravitated towards fine art maternity and fine art baby images since ever, but only recently committed to it as a professional maternity and new born baby photographer. I thoroughly enjoy fashion and beauty portraits as they are distinctly different in treatment and styling when compared to fine art imagery. I enjoy body art as a medium as well and my love for make up has birthed from this passion. The reason I execute the make up for most of my shoots is simple- I reeeaaalllyyyy enjoy doing it. Hair and make up is truly an art as it can make or break an image. I love experimenting with a lot of elements within a photo, so if you work with me you’ll notice that Im open to your suggestions and ideas cause it will always bring something unique to my art.