Photographer and staff is vaccinated

Studio Measures

The studio has a Phillips UV-C Virus and bacteria Disinfection System that sanitises all make up equipment and props before and after use, every single time. Additionally baby props are also sprayed with sanitisers before and after every use. A daily temperature check and temperature record of all helpers are maintained.At the moment we have just a single person staff reduce presence in the studio. Temperatures are checked of all visiting the studio. All Precautions as per government rules are taken to ensure your safety. There are very strict guidelines and studio policies in place to ensure sanitary and bare minimum entry in the studio.

Please check this Video for all information on Sanitary measures during hair and make up .

The following are the Covid-19 policies, and Protocol in place in my studio.The Rules are for everyone’s safety & would need to be followed in order to schedule and do a shoot. No exceptions whatsoever would be made. Shoots will be cancelled should any of these are violated


  • Temperature check two days before arrival is mandatory. the parameters can be whats apped to me.
  • Temperature checks upon entering the studio premises. The temperature of all the studio staff is also recorded.
  • If your body temperature is over 98.9 unfortunately, I will not be able to do your shoot and 50% of your booking amount will be forfeited and 50% returned.
  • No one is permitted in the studio if they or someone in their household is even remotely sick (colds, headache etc).

Social Distancing

  • Physical distancing is required while inside our studio
  • Only immediate Family Members Allowed (this will usually be parents + child).
  • Only 2 adults allowed during the shoot
  • Nurses, Extended Family, Helpers, Friends strictly prohibited from entering the studio


  • Face coverings/masks are required in my studio at all times. Clients are required to bring their own however, we will provide you with one if you forget.
  • Shoes to be kept outside the studio
  • Hands to be washed and sanitised every 30 minutes
  • No outside props allowed
  • No food or drinks allowed . Small home snacks is permitted.
  • Water in sanitised water bottles available in the studio. Home water bottles permitted.

Shoot Discussions

  • All discussions to be done prior to the shoot over the phone
  • During the shoot there is going to be minimal conversation (as required)