For expecting couples:

When should I plan my Photoshoot?

The best time to be photographed during pregnancy is around 34 to 36 weeks. For a twin pregnancy 30 weeks is ideal.

Where do the shoots take place?

All indoor shoots take place at my beautiful studio/home in Goregaon west. Outdoor shoots will be done in Aarey gardens in Mumbai. location details will be shared with the client prior to shoot .

Can you give us some info about the packages?

Yes. My packages are categorised as per the location – Indoor and Outdoor.

Indoor setup- These include professional grade make up and hair with eyelashes and hair extensions to give the glamorous appeal to images and will have the flexibility of using drapes and gowns. All drapes and gowns are included in the package. A single set up will have a single change or drape/gown and hair and make up. Every added setup will include another change- a different gown/drape , a different hairstyle, a different make up change, different backdrop and lighting. My insta page displays all my different styles of maternity, so you can always let me know which style u prefer prior to the shoot , so I can work as per your preference. I am always open to suggestions and experimentation, Infact , I love working with a different concepts. So please feel free to discuss your preferences and references.

Outdoor setup- These include an outdoor location- Aarey forest/garden in goregaon east or Aksa beach in Mumbai. Presently due to the covid situation beach shoots are not possible on friday, saturday and sunday due to exceedingly crowded beach areas on weekends and holidays. The other week days and non holidays are possible. Outdoor sessions do not have make up and hair included as we shoot early mornings when the sun light is soft and golden and due to time and location constraints this will not be possible. I recommend you use normal make up and arrive on location. The morning light has a uniforming effect on the skin and I often find that normal make up is good enough for outdoor sessions. Outdoor sessions also do not have the flexibility of using drapes as we are working in outdoor conditions with no changing rooms to drape the fabric in privacy. Gowns are included in the package.

Are Husbands and children included in the packages?

Including husbands and first borns in the maternity shoot is an absolute must. I encourage you to include them in all and every set up. I encourage you to make sure their outfits are coordinated well as per your gown selection and discuss their look with me before the shoot so we have the best outcome for the images.

 Can I use my own outfits?

All packages include gowns provided by Daisy Naidu Arts. If you have an outfit that is innovative and conceptually strong , I encourage you to discuss with me during the pre booking consultation. I prefer not using day to day outfits, casuals etc as we are trying to achieve something beautiful, like art, that is timeless. Hence the outfits are central to the images.

Please note: In the event of you using your own clothes , it will still count as a single change.

Do you provide us the gowns?

All Gowns/drapes are provided by Daisy Naidu Arts for all setups. A single setup will have a single gown and every “set up” add on will have a “gown” add on as well. If you are using your own outfit, it will be considered as a single change in a single set up and will not discount the cost of the package.

Tell us about Hair and Make up

I execute all hair and make up for the mothers. Hair and make up is done as per your preference. I use professional grade make up with eye lashes and hair extensions depending on your texture and length of hair. The outcome is always glamorous and Bollywood. However, there is always a choice of light subtle make up. Please have a look at my insta pages- “daisynaidubumpandbabies”. and “daisynaiduu” to understand my process.

Husbands and children don’t need make-up and hair. Having said that basic grooming can be taken care of by husbands before they arrive for the shoot. Mothers need to be prepared with their waxing, nails, eyebrows, upper lip etc…which are basic grooming requirements, executed before they arrive for the shoot. Digital removing of hair will not be done in post processing.

What are the props available?

Floral crowns, pearl and diamond tiaras, bunch of flowers , It’s a boy” and ” It’s a girl” placards etc are provided by me. If you need anything specific you can bring it for the shoot.

How long will the shoot take ?

The session length will depend on the package. Outdoor shoots will take about 1 hour. and Indoor sessions will take 2.5 hours as it includes hair and make up. An added indoor session will take another 1 hour. Please note that it’s important that you arrive on time for your session as we have back to back sessions. If you are late, your session may be postponed to the next available slot. If you are too late, your session can also be cancelled and deposit may be forfeited at our discretion.

When should I book for my shoot?

You should book your session at least 1 month in advance. Since the gown will be rented, it will give you ample time for selection and confirming your gown.

How do I go about  booking?

First you can whats app or call me after which we can schedule a pre booking consultation and iron out all the details of your needs and my process. Once you have made your decision, a booking confirmation of 50% of the amount of the selected package should be transferred via google pay or bank transfer or cash to frieze the date.

The remaining 50% needs to be paid on the day of shoot after which the images will be sent for post processing. I do not have a card machine so the remaining payment can be made cash. All google pay and bank transfers are subject to 18% gst.

What if I want to cancel or postpone?

Cancellation Policy- advance amount will be 100% refunded if cancelled 10 days before shoot date.

advance amount will be 50% refunded if cancelled within 10 days before shoot date.

advance amount will not be refunded if cancelled within 72hrs of shoot date.

Postponement needs to be done at least 10 days prior to currently confirmed shoot date and will be set as per mutual availability.

Preponement can be done if there is a genuine medical problem and will be set as per mutual availability.

When will I get my retouched images?

The soft copy of images will be delivered via a link on email within 2 weeks of shoot date. Extra images can be purchased at Rs 300/- for unedited images, Rs 400 /- for basic edited images and Rs 600/- for artistically retouched images.


All the images are edited images. I do not provide unedited images within the package. Unedited images can be purchased separately. My editing process consists of:

Cropping and Color Correction

I do not execute:

photo manipulations or background replacements, adding additional elements to a photograph and applying digital makeup, fixing hair, changing hair colour, removal of body hair.

Every package includes a few artistically retouched images. These images are retouched as per my artistic sensibility to make the images dramatic and glamourous. I exceed normal limitations of retouching , to provide the best result for these images. please have a look at my instapage – “daisynaidubumpandbabies” to see these images.


I use a cloud based service for transfer of my photographs. You will receive an email and a message from me with a link to download your images. One folder will contain the high res images and another with retouched images and another folder with web images that you can download directly on to your mobile to share. I do not provide images in USB/Pen drives due to security issues, I do not insert external pen drives into my systems.

What is the quality of the final images?

All Edited and retouched images are of high resolution- jpg files (min 2500 pixels on long side and 300 ppi) and my logo watermark on the side or in the corners or bottom or the top.

You do have the option to purchase the final retouched photos without logo watermark for an extra 1000/- per image.

No RAW images will be given unless you purchase the copyright of the images. If you’re interested in purchasing the copyright of the images then please mention this in the pre booking consultation.

Prints are not part of any package. But I will share information of some professional printers whom I collaborate with for my fashion and beauty projects, who offer a wide range of A grade printing services and products.

What is the duration you keep the photographed images?

I keep the photographed images with me for a period of 3 months after which they will be deleted. So in case you need extra retouched images, then you will have to place an order for them before 3 months from the date of shoot.


Studio Rules

It is important to arrive to shoots on time or before given time as other shoots will be scheduled as per your given timing. half an hour of buffer is allowed, any period longer than half an hour will lead to cancellation of the shoot and forfeiture of the booking amount.

Image Copyright

What are the Photography Copyright Laws?

  • Indian and international laws assign the copyright of the photograph to the creators of a photograph.
  • Just because you buy a print or get a shoot done does not mean you have purchased the copyright.
  • Under the Copyright Act, photographs are protected by copyright from the moment of creation.
  • Photographers have the exclusive right to reproduce their photographs.
  • Unless you have permission from the photographer, you can’t copy, distribute (no scanning and sending them to others), create derivative works from photographs.
  • Copyright infringements, reproducing photos without permission, can result in civil and criminal penalties.

Where can the Photographer use my images?

If you are being photographed by me, you explicitly grant me permission to share the pictures  and videos online on my social media accounts and website. I will however be sensitive to the event (e.g. child birth) and, if requested in the pre booking consultation, along with the event date, will only share the images post when the event has passed.

As a professional photographer I am inherently sensitive to the  privacy and security of people I photograph.

Can I purchase the rights to my Photographs?

Yes. If you are interested in buying the copyrights of your images, you can mention this in our pre booking consultation. Buying the copyright entitles the client to use the images in any which way whatsoever and they become the owners of the photographs.

What can I do with my photos if I don’t buy copyrights?

If you don’t have written permission from me, you don’t have rights to use the photographs created  by me for Advertising, Publishing, Displaying in Exhibitions (without my logo), Selling to Magazines / News Agencies, manipulating an image, Giving for free the image to a non-profit organisation, Selling the image.

The images I photograph can be sent to agencies to promote your child. In such a scenario you will need to sign a release with the agency that such photos will not be published without our permission. A copy of this release must also be sent to me.

If my logo is placed on your photo, you cannot remove, manipulate, or crop the photograph to remove, blur, or alter my logo.

Apart from the above, Daisy Naidu photography grants its clients permissions to use the photos taken by me and my team in any which way whatsoever.